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Innovative Solutions to Production Machining Challenges


  • Drill countersink application in clad aluminum
    Customer challenge:  Inconsistent hole diameters, inadequate surface finish, excessive exit burs
    Solution:  Intrepid Tool worked with the customer to effect a series of changes to the tool geometry that met the customer requirements in these areas and provided additional tool life as well.
  • Reaming application in composite
    Customer challenge:  Intermittent blind holes where the reaming tool would cause work piece damage when timing of the tool withdrawal was imperfect
    Solution:  Intrepid Tool assisted the customer in designing a mechanism within the tool structure to prevent excessive depth when the tool encountered a blind hole.
  • Drilling application in composite
    Customer challenge:  Delamination on exit of the drill in a new composite material
    Solution:   Intrepid Tool designed a faceted drill with special radii added to the tool geometry that solved the delamination problem and brought the hole quality within customer expectations.
  • Countersinking in composite and composite laminates
    Customer challenge:  Productivity was low due to frequent countersink tool changes that required resetting depth with each tool
    Solution:  Intrepid Tool PCD tipped inserted countersinks replaced solid countersinks so that customer could replace inserts only as opposed to the entire countersinking tool.